Muslin Baby Swaddle Cloth


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Softest Yellow

The most perfect baby essential and new born gift.  Use for feeding, gently wrapping baby up in , soaking up milk dribbles and even as a scarf for you!

Each large muslin swaddle is naturally dyed by us on the farm using onion and pomegranate skins and avocado stones from our kitchen. The beautiful muslin squares are made by a Womens Cooperative in Kerala and carry a label saying ‘Gramodaya’ . This project aims to provide the working womens group with a better way of life. We purchase these squares from The Organic Textile Company who in turn have worked with this womens co op with a bonded togetherness for the last 10 years.

Large Organic cotton muslins squares 120cm x 120 cm

Sold separately all in the beautiful hues that can only be achieved by the slow process of naturally dyeing.

wash care

30* with a eco detergent

line dry

do not iron

will eventually fade if left in direct sunlight

for a small fee we can re dye your item if it fades too much and you would like to refresh its colour